Oficina de Agosto

Toti, a Brazilian artist and his sister started “oficina de agosto” as a mobile workshop in 1989. In 1992, he set roots in Bichinho (State of Minas Gerais), a small town with a population of 800 inhabitants, located between Tiradentes and Prados.


Once there he began to interact with the local community to design and manufacture exquisite and decorative artworks created almost entirely from recyclable materials such as used wood, vintage old house materials, cans, paper, steel, cooper, etc.

Soon after, they started a communitarian program for teaching local youngsters in arts craftsmanship, so assuring a permanent influx of new craftsmen to guarantee a continuous revitalization of Oficina de Agosto artworks.


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Bichinho – Minas Gerais

Bichinho is one of those places that sprouts in their people a mixture of pride and make them miss it, wherever they are. Bichinho has hills and pure water springs, large colonial houses mother church from the 18th century, welcoming people, authentic Brazilian countryside food and irresistible sweets.

More than this, nevertheless, the village is synonym of arts and crafts also Brazilian furniture. An arts and crafts that highlights itself for its pieces of art quality and beauty, by the respect to the environment and the pacific intimacy between the image of saints and angels with sensual bodies, barely naked. It is been years that the art produced in Bichinho´s fame has crossed the borders to enchant consumers in Europe, United States and South America.




The wish of learning and the natural talent to arts and crafts of the residents got polished with Toti´s disposition to teach. To the first eight artisans who contacted the artist “to have a professional activity” were added many others, to the point of occurring a radical transformation in Bichinho´s economy.


The arts and crafts taken seriously, gained importance, attracting more and more tourists to the region. Apprentices at Oficina de Agosto, many residents, stimulated by Toti himself started their own business, abandoning the traditional agriculture activities of subsistence.

Oficina de Agosto activities has never given up using recycled materials as raw material resource to produce decorative and useful objects, unique, naïve and beautiful pieces of art.

Take a tour at Oficina de Agosto´s workshop in Bichinho or visit our gallery in São Paulo.


Minas Gerais: R.São Sebastião, 107 - Bichinho - Prados

São Paulo: R. Harmonia, 243 – Vila Madalena


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Recommended Hostel/Accommodation in Bichinho:
Rua Francisco Figueiredo, 130, Bichinho – Prados
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Five miles away from Bichinho this charming town is located on the hillside of the São José Mountain Range and it is known for its historical and cultural value. The town received the name of Tiradentes, the main character in the “Disloyalty Mineira”, a political movement that fought for Brazilian independence from Portuguese rule. It is approximately 215km from the airport in the city of Belo Horizonte, and about 490km from Sao Paulo City, and 325km from Rio de Janeiro. The town belongs to the State of Minas Gerais and has about 6.000 inhabitants.

It is a very small town with lots of preserved architecture in the Baroque style, sculpted on big houses, genuine façades, old churches and homes with their colonial shingles and adobe walls. It is a peaceful town with lots of history to tell and many charming hotels and restaurants.

It is possible to visit the region during the whole year and has a tropical altitude climate, where the days are comfortable warm and the nights are cool. The average temperature is around 17°C (63ºF).


Recommended Hotel in Tiradents:


Avenida Governador Israel Pinheiro, 670 - Tiradentes - Minas Gearis
Tel:. +553233551262 / +553233551665



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Fotos: Werner Hudhart, Vitor Vitaliano e Valdemir Cunha

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